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Web Design

Search Engine Placement and Internet Marketing

Google search engine optimization guide
Google Search Engine    Optimization Guide

This is not rocket science. Just old-fashioned work.

OK, maybe a little rocket science...

Internet placement ad campaignsLike our web development pricing process, we offer two main levels of organic search engine optimization. Each of the levels are further broken out into four or more phrases of complexity and sophistication, depending on the relative competition level of your key phrase.

For less than one million competing domains for a specific key phrase, which covers most niche manufacturing companies, our SEO/Core™ organic internet marketing SEO campaign may fit just fine, even at the lowest baseline level.

For more than 1 million competing domains, either Affordable microsites may need to be developed, or you may want to consider our Amplified™ organic SEO program. This changes the targeting of key phrases from a very narrow and close shotgun, to a completely metrics-based and tightly targeted sniper rifle shot.

Global Overview- Organic SEO Programs

The foundation for all organic SEO program performance is the measurement and execution based on desired SERP key phrase results. The relative level of sophistication and required knowledge are just subsets of the following global considerations. If this type of metrics based approach makes sense to you, please ask us for a complimentary review and discussion of your web real estate values. Chances are, we can help in growing your revenues.

Search rankings Benchmark

  • Analyze key phrase positions on the Top 50 search engines and aggregators.

Where are you now? Before anything is done, let's see where you are. This gives us a better idea of whether to reinforce primary key phrases, or begin spear heading Keyword Effectiveness Indexing (KEI) for secondary key phrases in competitive markets.

BaselineBegin First SEO Steps

  • On Page (on website) Optimization

Based on the initial ranks, we begin by ensuring your main site is optimized as it should be. Metas included, though they are not necessarily measured... Images. Layout. Baseline code.

Success in search engine marketing depends on selecting the right keywords. At this point, you compile a list of the phrases that are most important to your business and best describe it. We use this to generate the list of targeted keywords. Most of our competitors will not take the time to do this keyword analysis; by doing it we give you a higher return on investment.

Example- SkiMarket Traffic & Strategy Report, 1/07
              Excel Excel, 245KB

We can also edit the copy on selected pages to also reflect the key phrases, monitoring for keyword density to remain within guidelines.

  • Off Page (external from your website) Optimization

We can either recommend or execute Strategic directory submissions, followed through until link is placed. Assist with setting up Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and others.

We can also research and analyze your competitors to help you identify the best online marketing opportunities in your industry. The key is to help your target market see your website before the competition.

Our goal is to put your website in the top 20 results on the major search engines, using the correct key phrases.

Measure Web Analytics and Analysis

  • View visitors and how they navigate your site.
  • Entry pages, exit pages, time spent per page
  • Key phrases and engines

Now let's see where your site is. Are we climbing at an acceptable rate? Should we continue, or let the progress continue without artificial stimulation? Usually it takes 2-3 months for your website to show up in the search engines. If you've paid for inclusion with the search engines and directories that offer this, you'll start to see results within a week or two.

Example- SkiMarket Ranking Report on KEI, 9/07
              Excel Excel, 307KB

We can also recommend various online analysis tools that couldinclude detailed traffic reports covering page views and visits by day of the week, time of day, details on most visited pages, entry and exit pages, referring domains, and other customized reports and analysis.

Next steps Recommend Next Steps

  • "Tweak" the navigation system and link structures.
  • Review useability (sites we didn't design) for improvements.
  • Content enhancement plan.
  • Inbound links review.

Based on the ranking reports, we can now determine the next appropriate steps based on corporate budgets.

Example- SkiMarket Case Study, Key Stats, 9/07
              PDF Case Study PDF, 99KB

More More on search engine steps

Pay Per Click Management More on search engine steps

Explanation of Internet Marketing Algorithms

The basis for search engine results is found in the page ranking algorithms the different search engines use. The following article is an authoritative overview of how on-page attributes combined with off-page hyperlinking structures drive the results you see every day, using as the basis "expert" documents and "authority" URLs.

Here is a good guideline from Google on what to ask prospective SEO companies, as well as tactics to consider and avoid.


Click here for reprints and timely articles on search engines, optimization, marketing, and advertising ideas.

In 2004, QuinStreet, Inc. of Menlo Park, CA (a leading online direct marketing company and one of our clients), ranked us in the top 25 in the world for SEO results! This is particularly meaningful to us, as over 2,000 leading organic and PPC firms participate in Quinstreets’ International affiliate programs.

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