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Link management and Search Engine Marketinghas never been easier…

In 1998, Grant CommunicaStions LLC R&D staff pioneered a complex cross-domain program targeting the then-largest search engine, Alta Vista. The success in ranking improvement was literally overnight. Since then, we remain at the forefront of testing methodologies in links management programs for improving client site visibility.

The simplest targeted links management is the original 1998 vertical directory core, adapted over the last decade for the primary search engines. For a modest monthly fee, we use your selected core key phrases found in the Amplified™ Research Management. If poorly performing in the Amplified™ Rank Management, we then will use the phrases, and point back to the most relevant topic page on your site. This ‘deep link’ nature is adaptive and powerful in forwarding PR values amongst our search engine marketing participating members. Other customized links management programs include some of the
following features:

Initial Off-Page Research Mode:

  • Identify potential link partners from the Competition Audit , then expands on these through added research to identify site owner email addresses:
  • On-page forms at potential link partners
  • Sites using your key phrases
  • Sites linking to your online competitors
  • Identify a link partner or competitors link directory
  1. Then, we’ll determine the value of the page being proposed to you and identify strength as well as any web neighborhood issues from potential partners using bad techniques.

Monthly Activities and Reporting:

  1. On Linux-based site hosting, we can add the following enhancements:
  2. Customized and personalized emails offering exchanges.
  3. Links directory based on your sites design,categorized.
  4. Monitors partner backlinks, with an automated platform for reminding partners to re-add the links.
  5. Warning and exclusion factors for identifying potential black-hat partners, or that use JS, nofollow and other search engine unfriendly code or layout.
  6. Directory maintenance, exchange partner additions and deletions.

We also offer managed programs in finding one-way or three-way triangle link structures on a complimentary or pay-for-link basis, and using our tools can quickly determine the value of those links to your site.

Supported Features:

  • Find valuable link partners and dig for their contact info.
    • The most valuable web traffic links come from thematically relevant websites which are already trusted by search engines. Link Audit will look at websites from all angles, quickly pick hundreds of relevant high-quality websites and find their contact info.
  • Generate your own link directory with categories and subcategories.
    • We will make a professional-looking directory with all your links conveniently fitted in numerous pages and arranged by website topics. The directory will be easily navigable for your site's visitors. Moreover, it will be search engine friendly, as such directory structure is great for your site's SEO.
  • Design link directory to match your site's look-n-feel.
  • Upload your directory to the website.
    • When your list of link partners is growing daily, we can upload the link directory each time you add new partner websites.
  • Quickly address all partners in personalized emails.
    • We know how to approach owners of high-PR websites, ask them for a link and have huge chances to get it. We will quickly find dozens of relevant high-quality websites, instantly sending out personal link requests and convince site owners to link to you.
  • Establish reciprocal, 1-way, 3- and 4- way links.
    • Reciprocal links that you get through link exchange help you push your website up in rankings and gain hundreds of positions! Yet 1-way, 3- and 4-way links have an even greater potential to boost your ranks.
  • Management of incoming mail to manage potential link partnerships.
    • Link Audit contains a built–in fully–functional mail client that lets us take complete control over automation of link partner communications, avoiding missed opportunities.
  • Make sure all your partners are linking back.
    • Link Audit makes sure your search engine marketing web traffic link partners really link back and aren't using any black–hat SEO techniques. Link Audit is the only software that will detect robots.txt, JavaScripts, frames, redirects, nofollow tags and other tricks. That's your chance to ensure every link you have is really working for you.
  • Monitor your link popularity over time.
    • With our Link Audit ing option, you're controlling your marketing links growth and see at any moment how far you moved.

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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs