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Read about our staff and processes in developing a solid Google code architecture.Read about who we are, our diversified backgrounds and the communities and causes we serve. Our mission is to help in growing client organizational sales and revenues and returning a portion of our profits to individuals and organizations that need our help the most.

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View our main topics pages for web design, brand identity, web hosting and training.View how we have brought business development and sales solutions to the table for clients since 1992. How can we help you achieve the results you need and expect? From an integrated communications perspective of cross-pollination of the marketing and visual identity, accross both traditional and new media vehicles.

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e-Business Development Checklist

Business development checklistsThe following list is a logical extension of the "Marketing Mix" pyramid.

It is not meant to be an inclusive list for every vertical market and industry; it is to stimulate the background thought process of a web development company behind strategic business development activities.

e-Marketing MixActivity Chart


ActivityActive or PassiveActions / Results



  1. Establish target sites and sales goals.
  2. Determine needed PPC and needed tracking to support
  3. Pay commissions in a timely fashion.



  1. Phone contact with potential customers identifies needs they have that your product or service meets. When there is a match plus an intentionto purchase, you have a qualified lead.
  2. Phone follow-up with established volume purchasers
  3. Call promotions and contest winners

e-Mail Campaign


  1. Use third party ASP (Applications Service Provider) to manage and maintain list accuracy.
  2. Be sure to remove names as requested,
  3. Send mailer to lists purchased from trade organizations or other services,
  4. Employ mass mailing service such as Value Pak or SuperCoups, and
  5. A monthly coordinated campaign and messaging will provide the most cost effective contact at an ideal frequency.
  6. “Send a Friend” link scripting to the web site.
  7. Past purchaser “exclusive specials”

Advertising /


  1. Update specials page.
  2. Product “spotlights”
  3. Identify and implement “calls to action”
  4. A free introductory program or limited time special offer may drive business your way.
  5. Determine need for directory advertising through paid link programs.
  6. Social 2.0 marketing to promote viral campaigns, using Facebook, Twitter, gadgets.
  7. “Gift for Purchase” program
  8. Online chat or direct phone support
  9. Polling and voting to enhance client usage and prompt return visits.

Public Relations


  1. Target trade journals and other publications read by users of your product or service,
  2. Write press releases describing all significant developments including new product introductions, changes in organization, acquisitions and mergers, and business performance ahead of plan,
  3. Build mailing list of trade journals and other publications your users read,
  4. Develop relationships with editors of targeted publications to enhance placement probability. Placing ads in these publications practically ensures publication of your press releases.
  5. Submit articles and releases to both press release sites and industry directories, to maximize back link potential.

e-Marketing DevelopmentChecklist



Active Components

Affiliate Sales

  • Manufacturers Representative Model
  • Online Affiliate Model

Account Management

  • Territories
  • Vertical Markets and Segments
  • Account Insulation
  • Administration

Reporting, Web Access

  1. Reporting and Analysis
  2. Analytics, Installation and Review
  3. Ranking

Sales-to-Marketing Budget Mix

  • Inbound Links
  • Tracking Link Partners
  • Anchor Text Used

Target Industries, Verticals

  • Minimum PR, Site and Page
  • Site Usability Studies

Passive Components


Direct Mail

  • Message Vehicles
  • Newsletters
  • Personalized Form Letters
  • Product Updates
  • NewReleases
  • ASP (Applications Service Provider)-
  • e-Mail House Evaluation List Management
  • Branded e-Mail Template
  • Messaging, Specials
  • Send-to-Friend
  • Scheduling

Direct Sales & A/R Databases

  • List Brokers
  • Web Database
  • Internal Broadcast E-mail Scheduling (to opt-ins only)

Advertising, On-Site

  • Advertising by Segment Goals & History
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • ClientS pecials
  • Rotational Specials/Seasonal Banners
  • Featured Products, Specials

Passive Components

Advertising, Off-Site

  • Sitemap-G Program
  • Directory Maintenance
    • Link Partner Maintenance
  • Industry Directory Submissions
    • Submission Follow-up
  • Industry Article Writing
  • Article Directory Submission
    • Submission Follow-up
  • Back Link Tracking

Use Competition Audit and Rank Audit to
track performance.

Promotions, On-page

  • On-site expert, or avatar
  • “Dear Abby” expert
  • Live Chat
  • FAQs
  • Polling
  • New Products
  • Service Ratings
  • Incentive for Participation

Videos/FlashSlideshows; “How to”

  • Product Line Tour
  • Assembly, Factory Tour
  • Life Cycle Tour
    Inquiry > Sales > Production >
    Fulfillment > Satisfaction > Inquiry>

Vendor/Partner “Best Of” page

  • Top Listings to Link Partners
  • Barter for Back Links
  • Give-Aways

Use Competition Audit
to track performance

Promotions, Off-Page

  • On-Site Videos
  • Post to Social 2.0; Youtube, Myspace
  • Submit to Google
  • External Partner Link Requests,
    to Static Pages
  • On-Page“Expert Advice”
  • Post to Blogs
  • Facebook, Myspace Posts

Use Competition Audit and
Rank Audit to check performance.


Public Relations

  • “Expert”and Blog Articles
  • Article Re-Writes, for Directory Submission
  • Identify Top Niche Industry
    Public Relations Directories
  • Cost per Submission, Verification
  • Rank & Page Rank Verifications

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