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Amplified™ Competition SEO Management Advanced Off-Page Competition Review WebSite Promotion

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Advanced Off-Page
 Competition Review
WebSite Promotion

Targeting the foundation of the Google, Yahoo andBing website promotion ranking algorithms…

An often-ignoredstrategy is thepre-planned addition of links from other related web sites back to your website. While our sitemap-g program is a solid way to jump start your domainvisibility from back links, an ongoing program using our Amplified™ Competition Audit should be used to identifypotential site partners, directories and other free and low-cost inbound links.

Achieving top rankings in ANYsearch engine in 2009 requires some type of links management on an ongoingbasis.  Modern search engines place ahuge value on links. The more links you get, and the better quality these linksare, the higher you'll rank. If an external webpage is linking to you, they are essentiallycasting a vote of trust. And the more "votes" you get, the moretrustworthy your site is to Google, which naturally translates into betterrankings.

With today's Google, Bing andYahoo, it's also the clickable part of the link (also known as "linkanchor") that counts. Meaning, if you want to rank well for a specifickeyword like "blue widgets", you need more links with "bluewidgets" in their clickable part. OurCompetitionAudit makes it easy to locate this information and take control of yourcurrent visibility. Add our Amplified™ Link Management program, and you can see how both on-page and off-page strategies can be addedto your website marketing programs in a cost effective manner.

Initial Competition Research Reporting Mode

  1. Select either one key phrase, or one web site,to analyze.
    1. The website should initially be yours.
    2. Further reports can be commissioned that couldtarget your primary competitors.
    3. Competitor link partners… could be your link partners!
  2. Quickly see how other sites are linking toyours, and what key phrases they are using to
    link back to your site.
  3. Determine the value of the links and partners,by seeing both the site PR and link page PR values.
  4. Evaluate at a glance the true value of linksfrom the partner source.

Featured Primary Statistics

  • The total number of backlinks your competitor has
  • The Google PageRank of every backlink (see how important these links actually are to Google.)
  • The Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink (uncover your competitor's biggest traffic sources.)
  • The total number of PageRank 0 to PageRank 10 backlinks your competitor has (mirror these numbers, and you'll be able to beat your competitor's PageRank.)
  • The total number of backlinks coming from the same IP addresses (are your competitors buying site-wide links? Should you do the same? Let's find out!)
  • The exact anchor texts and anchor URLs your competitors are using (anchor text is one thing you must implement right to rank well. Find out which anchors work for your competition!)
  • Your competitor's web site promotion anchor and title keyword density — which is how many times a given keyword appears within the anchors and titles of their links (you will need to mirror these numbers if you want to one-up your competition.)
  • How many of your competitor's backlinks come from forums and blogs (are they tapping into social media for traffic and links? Find out with Competition Audit !)
  • How many of your competitor's backlinks come from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages. (This is often a dead giveaway of paid links. Oftentimes, you can even see how much they are paying per link!)
  • Whether or not your competitor has backlinks from DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory (these directories are so authoritative, you will get a rankings boost just from a single link from them!)
  • The exact link value of every backlink your competitor has (see how valuable each of their links is)
  • The exact age of every Website linking back to your competitor (see if they get links from established, authoritative sites.)

Monthly Activities and Reporting

  1. Find new traffic sources, as new links are foundthat point back to your site
  2. Through our Amplified™ LinkAudit program, propose reciprocal links from potential link partners
  3. Identify the most current and valuable articlesites and directories for new content or article submission about your productsor services.
  4. Write articles using the specific page structureidentified using the Amplified™ Page Audit process.

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Grant Communications LLC Web Design is an experienced and well established web design company specializing in website design and e commerce web site design. Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web site promotions standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! We have extensive Free appointmentweb development, corporate branding and identity, brochure and graphics design experience. We also have over 20 years' experience in other media graphic design. Click here for our typical appointment engagement.

Our main offices are located just 40 miles north of Boston, MA. Additional production offices for our web designers are located in the Northern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Greater Orlando markets.

Since 1995, we have posted over 700 unique web page designs. The websites are all professional, using unique page layouts for both our custom 'corporate' and affordable 'small business' web design.

We have planned, created and launched hundreds of successful websites since our inception, for many different types of businesses around the globe. With our team's combined experience in graphic design, website development, Flash animation and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers can deliver on time and on budget!

See the process and what's included in our service - Website Development.

Our clients range from small start-up companies needing a basic web design to large corporations requiring complex web applications. We invite you to review our website design portfolio and read our client testimonials. If you feel that we are the right choice for your website design Massachusetts project, please request a no cost, no obligation quote today!


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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs