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Read about our staff and processes in developing a solid Google code architecture.Read about who we are, our diversified backgrounds and the communities and causes we serve. Our mission is to help in growing client organizational sales and revenues and returning a portion of our profits to individuals and organizations that need our help the most.

What We Do

View our main topics pages for web design, brand identity, web hosting and training.View how we have brought business development and sales solutions to the table for clients since 1992. How can we help you achieve the results you need and expect? From an integrated communications perspective of cross-pollination of the marketing and visual identity, accross both traditional and new media vehicles.

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Testimonials for Our Design & Targeted Internet Marketing

If you would like to contact any of the following web site development clients, please let us know so that we may schedule a phone appointment.


The following client references demonstrate our ability to flex to client budgets while maintaining quality and a high level of personalized service. From 2-person catering companies and web startups, to multinational corporations, many more references are available upon request.

We have permission from dozens of web site development clients that would be pleased to discuss their project and current site performance.

In The Fourth Watch

Again, you are the third professional touching the folders. May I say, the first?

I understand your concern and your conduct of doing business - it really shows.  You are doing the right thing and directing me to do the same.  I just hope that your clients know the type of guy you are.  I know that they can afford you but - do they really know all of your good intentions?  Money, you get soon or later - good people to work with?  That is a rare thing.  As always, thank you for all...

You know, I have to play around with the coding - I just can't resist.  I promise you one thing, no messing with the "terms of service". 

Marco Barbosa, Chief Executive Officer

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SEO marketing

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Satellite Broadcasting Association

"Thanks it looks great, I appreciate the efforts of you and your team in making this a reality. "

Steve Hill, VP Education

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SEO marketing

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National Logistics

"Indeed the key phrases are doing well. Too bad that search volume is bouncing up and down befitting the crawl out of the economic hole that we've been in. But dollars from the web are significantly ahead of last year."

May '09- "Thanks for the update. It is scary when you know what you're trying to do actually works."

Ed Hogan, VP Marketing

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SEO Natural
NLG logo for web design

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"The appearance on google and ranking ascent is dramatic and impressive, congratulations and
thank you.

Nice to see bridal shoes, dyeable shoes, wedding shoes on page one of google, silver prom shoes, prom shoes on page two. Other keywords we never ranked for appearing and climbing.

Visits are up - averaging about 700 per day, heaviest Monday's & Tuesday's. The Search engines are now bringing 54% of the traffic.

Interesting to see how the keywords are changing, looks like most the additional visits are attributed to the targeted keywords, sweet! "

Diane Rose, VP- Information Technology

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Four website designs at the corporate professional level since 1998.Organic SEO, Web Proessional Corporate Design for 5 companies

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[RE: Rebound on Rankings] "Usually do. I knew you would be able to get us right back up there again. Call volume might be picking up a little bit too.

Ill write something up for you as soon as I have a chance."

Brian C. Smith, Sales and Marketing Engineer

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Four web site development at the corporate professional level since 1998.Organic SEO, Web Proessional Corporate Design for 5 companies

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"I like the look on Excellent."

Preston Fiske, Ph.D., President

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Four website designs at the corporate professional level since 1998.Organic SEO, Web Proessional Corporate Design for 5 companies

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Benefits to Marketing

"Hey Sam, hope all is well... I know Don had some questions about the web site. How expensive is it to track people who ping your site? Just a ball park many compliments on the site....kudos to you and your did a great job!"

Cindy McNabb, Marketing

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Four website designs at the corporate professional level since 1998.Organic SEO, Web Proessional Corporate Design for 5 companies

Web Services:


Buyer One, Inc.

"I want to thank for the exemplary way you handled my need for a “first class” web site.

I especially want to acknowledge the professional manner in which you handled the construction, and were able to guide me in making good decisions for the design and creation of a very professional site. You focused in on my needs and goals immediately.You were always prompt and kept me informed at every stage of the proceedings.

The fact that “we” accomplished most of this by email and fax certainly is a credit to your ability to stay on top of things!

I love my site, and we receive many compliments on its design and content. You have a rare talent indeed.

Thank you again for everything.Feel free to provide my name to potential clients. We would be pleased and honored to act as a reference on your behalf."

Marlene Mallory, President

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The third Organic SEO and Professional Corporate Web Design, as well as logo, letterhead and brochure.


Web Services:


Kevin Scott Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

"We love the website! You, and your team got the site done quickly and professionally! I was not familar with the process of creating a website, but you made it easy and you were always available to answer all my questions in a friendly manner. We will highly recommend you to anyone we know looking to have a website created.

Thanks again!"

Shireen Scott, Vice President

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Small business website design


Web Services:


Masi :: SplashBath Showrooms

FYI, the client is thrilled with what we did. Great job, man. Pleasure, as always, working with you. Thanks!

Casey Holt, President
Stray Communications, Inc.

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The tenth small business web site design for this agency in NH


Web Services:


StaticWorx, Inc.

"I have contracted with Mr. Grant on two previous occasions. Each time we utilized his Internet strategies, our web site moved to the top of the search engines saving us thousands of dollars per month by avoiding the costly pay for click route used by our competitors.

Our company views strong organic search results as a long-term corporate asset as opposed to pay for click results that evaporate the moment you stop paying for them."

David Long, President

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Organic SEO Marketing

Web Services:


DMA, Inc.

"Referral? But of course."

Darrin Landau , President
(Note: 67 Domains/Subdomains since 1998)

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View Site Master - Cash Loans Website marketing
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Targeted Internet

Marketing web designs

This loan origination firm made a substantial investment in 1998 that led to 40 small websites being developed.

Web Services:


Steve The Cook, Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for our new website!

Before you rebuilt, we weren't getting any business off of the web. Now I am responding to inquiries almost daily and booking a lot of that business - including some larger and repeat corporate business which we had been chasing with no luck for the last year.

I'm proud to direct potential clients to our website as well because it's user friendly and represents our business in the most professional way.
Thank you!"

Paula Beaudoin, Vice President

View Site Internet marketing

Targeted marketing website design

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Targeted Small Business Internet Marketing

Targeted Internet Marketing can be realized through search engine optimization by bringing increased traffic to a website, reaching visitors through specific products, and realizing sales. Companies that realize the importance of being on the Internet and finding ways to excel in business, through obtaining a website and offering unique products and services, will experience success. Companies who use targeted website Internet marketing are smart and will thrive because of it. Begin with a unique domain name and address and opt for a professional looking website and then develop unique products and services that viewers will buy. The shopping cart feature offered on a site should provide various methods for customers to pay for products and it should be easy to use.

Website management, including targeted website Internet marketing will look closely at a site for professionalism, quality design and content, and user friendly viewing and accessing. There are a few methods of advertising online that help to bring about awareness through email marketing, branding, and continuous ethical business practices. Prospects want to visit a site that is trustworthy and seems to put their best interest to the forefront. Providing contact information and good customer service practices will pull some weight in acquiring consumer loyalty. Product promotions that change periodically will provide new content to consumers who revisit.

What About Cost?

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