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Search Engines- Pay Per Click Campaigns

This is not rocket science. Just a lot of details. And teaming with the #1 producer of Google paid advertising in the world...

OK, maybe a little rocket science...

Pay Per ClickManagement (Pay forPlacement)

How do you control costs and track return on investment in the highly volatile and expensive world of PPC? How can you prove your keyword phrases are bringing qualified leads? Our structured PPC program can steer the correct application of our proven strategy for literally thousands of key word phrases in the top search networks. We utilize a patent pending pay for performance model that tracks and reports every lead generated from each single keyword based ad. This information is automatically re-applied to your campaigns to emphasize the top performers and deliver exceptional documented ROI for each ad campaign.

The keyword marketplace is like a Wall Street trading pit but much, much larger. Like a dynamic commodities market, prices fluctuate according to demand, and bids must be continuously adjusted in order to remain competitive without incurring huge budget overruns from potentially hundreds of concurrent ad campaigns.

The good news is that a well designed and monitored keyword campaign can be launched within a modest budget and enjoy traffic results within hours. This immediacy of results not only increases highly qualified traffic to your site but gives us extremely valuable data from the ability to run pure multivariate short run marketing campaigns to effectively paint a bull’s eye on your top performers.

Similar to our unique organic SEO process, we develop your PPC campaign around our extensive keyword research and analysis. For program implementation we have partnered with Reach Local to provide a proven service-set like none other in the industry. Our combined expertise offers our clients a pay for performance (rather than per click) model that is truly exciting.

Using your keywords, traffic generating ads are created and set up in active accounts with the major search sites, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and After your ads are loaded into the platform, it takes over campaign monitoring and bidding for strategic page position of each keyword ad in your campaign. Our program will now continuously monitor your ad campaigns using our bid management software to deliver the best visibility on the search site networks in relation to your budget. Keywords are evaluated in real time for their conversion rates, optimized, and bids are adjusted accordingly.

Our unique program utilizes the most advanced platform of its kind to target your campaigns to specific geographic regions. Geo-targeting technology works by using the IP address of the individual’s computer to identify their geographical location and then automatically serve a highly targeted ad to significantly increase the pull of your campaign.

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Explanation of Algorithms


The basis for search engine results is found in the page ranking algorithms the different search engines use. The following article is an authoritative overview of how on-page attributes combined with off-page hyperlinking structures drive the results you see every day, using as the basis "expert" documents and "authority" URLs.

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In 2004, QuinStreet, Inc. of Menlo Park, CA (a leading online direct marketing company and one of our clients), ranked us in the top 25 in the world for SEO results! This is particularly meaningful to us, as over 2,000 leading organic and PPC firms participate in Quinstreets’ International affiliate programs.

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