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Amplified™ Page Audit

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Advanced On-Page
Code Placement

Creating the ultimate in unfair competitive advantages…For YOU!

Simply stated, the most advancedmethodology for on-page web page code optimization available in the markettoday! We use this metrics-based approach in creating cutting-edge on-page codestrategies in attacking the Top 10 competitors, for the best key phrases foryour products or services. The Page Audit foundation- Building one page, usingone key phrase, targeting one specific search engine.

Using the statistics gained fromour Amplified™ Rank Audit , we can quickly identify threepotential strategies immediately. Focus on the key phrases your competitorsaren’t focused on. Or has a low number of competing domains, making it easierfor us to perform well. Or identifying a positive KEI-strength key phrase,ensuring the fastest and best in ROI and speed.

Then which engine do you want toperform best on? The seo web design on-page code optimization is unique for each key phrase, and for each engine. A page that works well in Google, may be invisible to Bing. Wecan cover both with detailed, unparalleled precision, using our knowledge of codeelements (DTDs) and metrics-supported code enhancements.

Initial On-Page Research Mode

  1. Select one key phrase
  2. Select which searchengine to analyze, at the code and link structure level.
  3. The reporting module then analyzes the Top 10domains for the phrase on the selected engine.
  4. Element weighting is then applied based on therelative importance of the elements, for each of the selected search enginesand its algorithms.

Monthly Activities and Reporting

  1. Add new pages based on added phrases, on yourkey target search engines.
  2. Create microsites for particularly elusive orcompetitive key phrases.
  3. Hire us to write the content built around theelement measurements and current top competitive domains for that phrase.
  4. Build articles for directories and newsaggregators, and add backlinks based on the phrases we found in the Research Audit and CompetitionAudit .

Complete details on this program can be found by clicking this link...

On a very tight budget? Our “Average Page Audit ” takesthe statistics from six (6) vertical market full PageAudit testing programs and analyzes the averageplacement of elements that produced an overall good ranking profile. While notas tightly controlled as a full Page Audit per phrase, content has been successfully written using these statistics.General results compare favorably better than our SEO/Core™ approach tolanding page builds.


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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs
Contact us for your web design and SEO needs