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Amplified SEO Audits™ Minimum Requirements

Improve Your Internet Marketing Strategy and Search
Engine Visibility

Baseline Search Engine Optimization

Before undertaking the Amplified™ Audit program, your websitewill already need to be globally optimized at our basic SEO/Core™ level ofsearch engine optimization. This will give is a firm foundational environmentfrom which we can build a comprehensive program. We typically encourage holdingoff from employing the Amplified Audit process until the initial two CompleteSearch Engine and Aggregatorrank reports have run, as this gives us marketable intelligence in analyzingthe future Audit reports.

Minimum Initial Steps

Any identified steps needing to be completed on key phraseresearch. This data is then used to build the initial HTML code page templatesin the Design and Development cycles. As contracted, during the Developmentcycle individualized meta tags, link structures and page/code content areplaced. The following SEO/Core™ steps have proven effective for key phraseswith up to 1 million competing domains. The Internet Marketing Strategies AmplifiedSEO Audit equivalent worksfor key phrases with over 1 million competing domains.

AffordableLevel SEOCorporateAudit Equivalent
  • PhaseI: Search Engine plus Aggregator Ranking Performance Report
  • PhaseI A: Optimize Inner Pages
  • PhaseII: Crawler Sitemap
  • PhaseII: XML Sitemap
  • PhaseII A (Research & Planning):  KeyPhrase Research, Leading to KEI
  • Amplified™ Rank Audit

  • Amplified™Page Audit

  • AmplifiedSEO Research Audit

Optional Intermediary Steps

As your rankings and website traffic grow, you may want tominimize the organic expense by employing optional tactics, then measure theeffectiveness of these tactics, before committing to a large-scale strategicprogram.

Affordable Core SEO™Amplified™ Equivalent
  • PhaseII: Landing Pages
  • PhaseII: Traffic Emulation Scripting
  • PhaseII A (Research & Planning): Review On-Page Tactics & Code
  • PhaseII A (Research & Planning): Review Off-Page Tactics & Code
  • PhaseIII: Cross-Link Program (sitemap-g)
  • PhaseIII: Advanced Folder Optimization & Sub-Domains
  • PhaseIII: Multiple Domain Development
  • Amplified™ PageAudit

  • Amplified™ ResearchAudit

  • Amplified™ CompetitionAudit

  • Amplified™ LinkAudit


The Phase IIA review of competitor on-page and off-pagetactics could (and probably should) be replaced by the far more comprehensive Amplified™ Research Audit and Amplified™ CompetitionAudit . The potential increase in cost is minimal, for a far more robust metrics-based reporting cycle.


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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs
Contact us for your web design and SEO needs