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We maintain and improve our library of knowledge on the search engines continuously to improve our clients' results.

Search MarketingComputer and Internet technologies change quickly. Search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN and Google, change their algorithms, or rules of logic that find and rank Web sites, on an average of every six months. Our Research and Development group keeps abreast of the latest trends and works hard to ensure that our clients’ Web sites continue to rank high in search results.

We offer four steps of affordable-level internet marketing for small business organic search marketing escalating in complexity. For businesses in highly competitive markets, such as financial services and mortgages, higher phases of SEO would be required to produce high rankings on the search engines. Businesses in unique niches typically do well with lower phases of SEO.

For clients operating in the retail sector that find that competing domains for their key phrases appears insurmountable, our Amplified™ program may be right up your alley... More.

Step I
  • Optimize Home Page with Baseline Optimization, Top 20 DTDs
  • Reports Setup, Measurement Criteria Established
    SEO/Core™ Reporting- [Traffic Research] and [Results]

(Based on rich vs. content based layout, evaluate and implement appropriate code)


Step IA
  • Optimize Inner Pages, each, using standard baseline
  • Metas, From Traffic R&D, phrases used in header by professional


Step II
  • Site Entry (doorway) pages- 1 per phrase...
    Client A:  [example]   [results]
    Client B:  [example]   [results]

  • Landing pages (1 per phrase); built around .gov content
  • Landing pages (1 per phrase); professional copy writing (no changes)
  • Search Marketing Crawler Sitemap File- Cross-Links, Backlinks, Titles
  • Traffic emulation scripting across doorway pages (per page)
  • XML Sitemap (Google/Yahoo), Installation, Submission, Verification.


Step II A
  • Key Phrase Research onWT, G, Y, MSN. Traffic Counts (Excel file output)
    SEO/Core™ Reporting- [Traffic Research] and [Results]

  • Initial page review for on-page optimization. Client or Comp. 2 pg min.
  • Initial review of off-page optimization tactics. Client or Comp. 2 pg min.
  • Indextools, Google Analytics OR Traffic Report Review
  • Executive Summary, Recommendations
          Amplified™ Audit Program     Audit Reporting


  • Internal link directory to client-owned domains (per domain)
  • Domain optimized around 1 phrase (per domain)
  • Folder Optimization, per Key Phrase, linked from Home &/or SiteMap
    • Sitemap-G Cross-link program; 1 link (Monthly, Pre-Paid)
    • Sitemap-G Cross-link program; 2 links (Monthly, Pre-Paid)
    • Sitemap-G Cross-link program; 3 links (Monthly, Pre-Paid)
  • Image Folder Naming Conventions
  • Consulting, per Engagement Estimate (10 hour minimum)


  • Multiple Domains, Advanced Folder Optimization
  • Rebuild all HTML links around folders, cross-linked per domain
  • Java Refresh, unique crawler page (see "Landing Page")
  • internet marketing for small business
  • Sub-domains as key phrases, sites into sub, per phrase & domain
  • State name/client/key phrase, separate HTML file per phrase.
  • Free hosting site (GeoCities), one phrase home plus cross-links.


Step IV
  • 3,600 city/state listing around one phrase (flooding). ESTIMATE-
  • Article writing and submission (Prwire, industry-specific, etc). Typically Monthly
  • Directory identification & submission- 1 per domain & directory, 1-way & recipricol


Click here for reprints and timely articles on search engines, optimization, marketing, and advertising ideas.

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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs
Contact us for your web design and SEO needs