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Read about our staff and processes in developing a solid Google code architecture.Read about who we are, our diversified backgrounds and the communities and causes we serve. Our mission is to help in growing client organizational sales and revenues and returning a portion of our profits to individuals and organizations that need our help the most.

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View our main topics pages for web design, brand identity, web hosting and training.View how we have brought business development and sales solutions to the table for clients since 1992. How can we help you achieve the results you need and expect? From an integrated communications perspective of cross-pollination of the marketing and visual identity, accross both traditional and new media vehicles.

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Marketing Mix Management Marketing mix in PDF format...

Simply put, marketing mix involves the selection of multiple marketing communications channels to convey your business messages, and requires you to:

  • Identify Your Audience or Vertical Market
  • Allocate "Marketing Mix" Resources
  • Implement Plan

Increasing corporate revenues To be truly successful, all areas of the Marketing Mix need to be pre-planned and then executed in a timely and disciplined fashion. The World Wide Web, properly handled, can identify and address both in a passive and active mode, both current and future clients to create a business development web site.

We offer our clients help in deciding how to best markettheir products and services. Generally, a mix of activities yields the bestresults. Relative proportions shift from industry to industry. For example, sales of expensive capitol equipment, houses, and cars generally involve direct sales efforts, while vendors often sell smaller items through catalogues and the Internet.

Interestingly, a Web site bridges all these marketing activities. Companies use their Websites for public relations and advertising purposes and e-commerce sites produce sales online. Web visitors register for e-mail newsletters or self qualify themselves as prospects enabling the vendor to contact them directly. A properly designed Web site will be your most cost effective source of qualified leads.

The goal of marketing mix management is to combine passive and active marketing activities to optimize revenues. Using both active and passive mechanisms to reinforce the "impression rate", (or number of times that your audience perceives that it remembers), your corporate communications message to your target audience, this can lead quickly to increased revenues. Click here for a complete "Business Development Checklist" that will give you ideas for each of these disciplines.

HTML Traditional Checklist     e-Business HTML Checklist

We offer the Marketing Activity Pyramids below and the Marketing Mix Activity Tables on the following page as a beginning point to start our dialogue to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Traditional Mix:


e-Marketing Mix:

business development web site

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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs
Contact us for your web design and SEO needs