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Amplified™ Organic SEO Audit Program

Simply stated, the most powerful suite of managed software applications that lead to a tightly integrated organic SEO campaign.



Amplified™ Organic Search Engine Optimization



Managed software applications service to dominate search engine performance.From 2008 through 2014, our R&D staff worked on the highly competitive retail sector to crack the algorithms for intensely competitive phrases that recorded over 10 million competing domains. Ask for our SEO/Core™ PDF if evaluating a less expensive organic campaign aimed at capitalizing on your natural niche product or service characteristics from natural ranking results.

The results are the foundation of five (5) related SEO disciplines and customized software programs in optimizing our clients’ sites,named the Amplified™ Audit process.

Many competitors talk about meta tag creation as being the driving force behind site performance on a search engine like Google.

Very few speak about DTDs, or Document Type Definitions. DTDs (we call them "Elements"), which are the basis for any electronic document. The search engines admit that there are over 100 Elements available to their algorithms for measuring a sites' relevancy. We select the Top 10 Elements used by the respective search engine algorithms during an engagement. We then utilize the other SEO disciplines to create a robust and survivable program that will continue to produce results. 

Research Audit Competition Audit Rank Audit Page Audit Link Audit


Amplified™ Overview

We offer five (5) steps of “Amplified Amplified™” Organic SEO escalating in complexity. We then further break some of the components found in the Amplified Audit program into two budget levels; “Average” and “Complete”. For businesses in highly competitive markets, such as financial services and mortgages, higher phases of SEO would be required to produce high rankings on the search engines. This is where our “Amplified™ Audit ” organic search engine optimization program kicks in. Businesses in unique niches typically do well with less intensive activities found in our SEO/Core™ or smaller scope Amplified Audit organic programs.

The following strategies do not replace those found in ourSEO/Core™ Baseline organic program. The web site will still need unique pages, XML and crawler site maps, meta area built to W3C standards, and the other elements discussed for this level of program.  Rather, the Amplified™ Audit program leverages on the strong foundation that already exists in competing effectively on far more intensely competitive key phrases.

There's a definite science and a definite art to making websites rank #1, which is SEO, or search engine optimization. When it's done correctly, your business gets found by thousands of new people daily –and secures you new levels of online profits and success.

Briefly, here's how it works. Most people who search the Web for products or services will go to Google or other search engines and type in their search terms, or keywords. Sites that appear in top results for these keywords are getting the greatest streams of visitors looking exactly for what they offer (that's why these crowds of people are most likely to pay).

SEO scheme

Sounds simple? Knowing exactly what to do makes it easy.And doing that fast makes your website staggeringly cost–effective! If you want to quickly and easily drive your website to Google's first page and attract thousands of unique visitors, the GC Amplified™ Audit suite of reports and strategies alone are all you willneed.


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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs
Contact us for your web design and SEO needs