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Using Article Marketing
Effectively For Backlink Building

by Internet Marketing on September 15, 2009

“Hi Duncan, what is the most effective use of article marketing as used for backlink building? I am considering UAW and, are either of these services worthy of your consideration, or is there another you prefer? Thanks for your time,” ~ Jay Burgess

Hi Jay,

This is an interesting question.

The first response that pops into my head here is you’re on the right track in terms of outsourcing the submission of articles to directories. It’s such a big time waster that you could probably write another 2 or 3 quality articles by the time you’ve submitted just one of them to 20 or so of the more popular article directories.

Whether you employ someone to do this manually or use an automated submission service is entirely up to you (both have pros and cons).

In relation to article marketing from an SEO perspective here’s what I do recommend.

Switch up the signature files attached to your articles.

If you have a list of 10 strategic keyword terms you’re targeting for higher search engine rankings, rotate them (and use those terms as the actual anchor text wherever possible) for each individual submission.

So let’s say that you’re going to submit a single article to 100 different article directories.

Rotate those keyword terms whereby each term is then going to be used on 10 different article directories. Of course, if you hold good search engine rankings for a few of those terms already, then you can pump more weight into keyword terms that need more strengthening.

I mention this first because it’s often the easiest part of the article to manipulate without compromising on quality of content or comprehension of the information for readers.

The following suggestions would then apply only if you can tweak things so those aspects aren’t compromised…

Next I would recommend switching up the title of an individual article wherever possible and alternating those to each directory.

So if you can change the title from “SEO Techniques” to “Internet Marketing Advice” then rotate these (and as many variations as possible to cover your strategic keyword list so long as they continue to read well and make sense) and then submit them to alternate article directories.

This will give extra weight for the multiple terms.

It can really help as more often than not the article title is used in the title of the individual page being created on the article directory – therefore creating more overall theme relevancy.

You should also match this switch up with the keyword term / anchor text you’ve used in your signature file for greatest effect.

Lastly (and only if possible as this is generally the hardest) try and include more instances of the respective keyword term in the article body / content. So if you can substitute a mention of “SEO Techniques” for “Internet Marketing Advice” in order to marry it up with what you’re targeting in the signature and title… AND… it still makes complete sense, then go for it.

Now that might all seem a bit nit picky and that it requires a lot of work, but you asked for the most effective use of articles from a link building / search engine optimization perspective, and that would be it. Of course, unless you have an easy way to do this I wouldn’t bother spending too much time on it – often we can make things too hard on ourselves.

Worst case; if you submit the exact same article to 100 (or 800 or whatever) article directories then it’s better than not submitting any article at all.

hat’s an additional 100 (or 800) new entry points that you’ve created to your website regardless of how much of a search engine ranking improvement  it’s going to have. Many of those directories have a large audience that would otherwise not find your website.

Let’s now discuss those services you mention briefly.

I have not used UAW (Unique Article Wizard) in any great depth other than a brief look at the overall system and how it works a long time ago. It’s probably the better of the two in terms of making things unique (and at the very least using the “switching” methods discussed above).

However I’ve never been a big fan of “spinning” content – that is using one article to create 1,000 unique articles that all ultimately present the “same idea” but are written differently (using different verbs, nouns etc) to make the content as unique as possible.

NOTE: The idea is not to submit these 1,000 articles to 1,000 directories (10,000 individual submissions), but rather submit one of those articles to each directory – so each one receives a unique article that is slightly different but “about the same idea”.

The main reason I’m not a big fan of “spinning content” is that I find it hard to write the “core article” that all subsequent articles will be created from – and ensuring the end result of all those articles are high quality, comprehendible, and well written. It can take hours.

I have no doubt it would give you an extra edge in terms of search engine rankings (as you’d be bypassing duplicate content penalties) and if you’re able to “successfully spin” without ending up with a bunch of crap then go for it. It would be the smartest approach to take.

If not you can find some experienced “script” writers out there that will help you write the “core articles”. They’re often pretty expensive ($100+ for a single article script) because they take a lot of time and thinking to produce – as opposed to have a writer create a single article that stands alone on its own merit. You’re most likely to find these people in the support forums of the respective “spinning” service / software you’re looking at using.

I have used in the past and it’s not a bad service.

When I last looked at it was no where near as flexible as UAW in terms of “spinning” content – however that’s not really its focus – its primary focus is on distribution.

It does have the ability to use different signature files for individual articles on alternate submissions which is great. It allows you to do the keyword switching technique in that respect.

It’s also possible they have more options now too – it’s been a few months since we used it and the owner did tell me he was making some major updates back at that time.

It’s certainly not a bad service and if you’re only other option is to do things manually than I’d recommend it. I’ll provide more in-depth information (resources, tools and suggestions) when I look at covering article marketing specifically (rather than from a search engine ranking / link building perspective).


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Duncan Carver -

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