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Web Design for Browsers

(Or; "We want the site to be viewed equally and perfectly --- in
all browsers.")

Equal design for all browsers is not always financially wise or feasible.Well.... Not so fast. Unless your budget can absorb over 450 different versions of your new website, and we use javascript browser detection technology. And this assumes that the user has javascript enabled on their browsers, of course. Unless we build your site as a set of graphics, which would destroy your search engine optimization goals.


  • "First, there are the discontinued browsers."
  • "Oh, stop being difficult! Just the current browsers and those released in the last two years."

This is a partial current list for developed for Windows. There’s another series built for Unix, then for MAC.Then, there are versions and releases for each, then the OS versions themselves. Each can render CSS, HTML, colors and supported text characters differently. Throw in the users’ monitor, settings, age, technology build (CRT, LCD, LED).

Again, what’s the budget? We can nail this down for EVERY one of the browsers, on one site. Simple javascript to ID the browser, then off to the corresponding browser site and browser version. Figure three versions, so only 150 to 200 sites need to be built. If the assumption is 5 pages each for each site; maybe 300, 500 man hours to build them out and verify via online services. And this is for for just the Windows platform!

Then, of course, the user settings. "I like my screen bright", "I like mine darker". Won't look exactly like the beta.

• AOL Explorer
• Avant Browser
• Bento Browser (built into Winamp)
• Enigma
• GreenBrowser
• Maxthon
• MSN Explorer
• NeoPlanet
• iRider
• RealPlayer
• Runecats Explorer
• Smart Bro
• Teega
• Tencent Traveler
• TheWorld Browser
• UltraBrowser
• Web visions
• WebbIE
• Yahoo! Browser (or partnership browsers eg. "AT&T Yahoo! Browser"; "Verizon Yahoo! Browser"; "BT Yahoo! Browser" etc.)
• SeaMonkey (successor to Mozilla Application Suite)
• Mozilla Firefox (formerly Firebird and Phoenix)
• Swiftfox (processor-optimised builds based on Firefox)
• Flock (based on Firefox)
• XeroBank Browser (formerly Torpark), portable browser for anonymous browsing, originally based on Firefox
• Iceweasel, Debian's Firefox rebrand
• Swiftweasel (processor-optimised builds based on Iceweasel)
• GNU IceCat, GNU's free fork of Firefox
• Sleipnir
• Lunascape
• Maxthon (formerly known as MyIE2)
• Mozilla Firefox with the IE Tab extension
• Konqueror
• Konqueror Embedded
• Skipstone
• ABrowse
• Web Browser for Android (mobile device platform)
• BOLT browser
• Google Chrome
• Epiphany (web browser)
• iCab (version 4 uses WebKit; earlier versions used its own rendering engine)
• Iris Browser
• Midori
• OmniWeb
• rekonq
• Safari
• Shiira
• Sputnik for MorphOS (based on S60 WebCore)
• SRWare Iron
• Stainless
• Sunrise
• TeaShark
• Web Browser for S60 (for mobile)
• WebOS, used in the Palm Pre mobile
• Internet Channel (Web browser for the Wii console) (Opera powered)
• Nintendo DS Browser (Opera Powered)
• Opera
• Lobo (formerly Warrior)
• Opera Mini
• uZard Web
• X-Smiles (experimental)
• Flying saucer
• Bitstream ThunderHawk
• BOLT Browser
• Flock (To enhance social networking, blogging, photosharing, and RSS newsreading)
• Gollum browser (Created specially for browsing Wikipedia)
• Image Xplorer (Designed for the viewing, downloading, and printing of images only)
• Kirix Strata (Designed for data analytics)
• Songbird (browser with advanced audio streaming features and built in media player with library.)
• SpaceTime (Search the web in 3D)
• Wyzo (A media browser that integrates BitTorrent like Opera's integrated BitTorrent)
• Zac Browser
• 3B (3D browser)
• Abaco (for Plan 9 from Bell Labs)
• Amaya
• Arachne (DOS)
• AWeb (AmigaOS)
• Charon (for Inferno)
• Dillo (Small, fast, free, minimalistic, and multi-platform)
• Gazelle (from Microsoft Research, OS-like)
• Html Viewer 3 (hv3) (uses Tkhtml as layout engine)
• IBrowse (AmigaOS)
• Mothra (for Plan 9 from Bell Labs)
• NetPositive
• NetSurf (An open source web browser for RISC OS and GTK+ written in C)
• Oregano
• Planetweb browser (discont. for Dreamcast)
• VMS Mosaic
• Voyager (AmigaOS)
• Alynx
• edbrowse (Line-mode browser)
• ELinks (active version of Links)
• Emacs/W3
• Lynx
• Net-Tamer
• w3m
• WebbIE


Now, what if the user has javascript disabled…? All bets are off.

You think you're frustrated...?!

Moreon why we use this highly successful web design process...

What about designing to be viewed equally by all browsers?

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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs