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server-side scripting


CGI scripts, servlets

Server-side scripts are small programs that reside on the web server to interact with the web environment. When browsers execute scripts that link to the code file, the script will do its designed functions and return a dynamically generated page.

Typical use of server-side programming:

  • Personalized page content to the user's needs
  • Enable the web browser to act as a database interface
  • e-Commerce shopping carts

server-side scripting types

  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
    Simple scripting mechanisms supported by practically all web servers. Most commonly written in Perl, C/C++, or Python.
  • Java Servlets
    Ability to execute Java objects on the server. Newer, less common technology but has dramatic performance advantages over CGI.

scripting tips

  • When browsing the web you can typically tell that a hyperlink is calling a script by the file extension. Instead of the standard .html/.htm you will see .cgi, .pl or other extension.
  • Many inexpensive, even free, scripts are available to enhance your web site.
  • With most scripts the source code can be changed allowing custom applications at a fraction of the costs.


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Contact us for your web design and SEO needs