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March, 2010 

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The most perfectly designed site is nearly worthless, if propsects and search engines like Google can't find your website...

Occasionally we hear prospective clients say "Everyone knows who we are" as a way to limit initial web development expenses. Based on a simple traffic test during an appointment on related industry key phrases, we can quickly show you where sales have not been made. More...

Did You Know?

Gzip Compression

Enabling Gzip compression reduces code and image size by as much as 70%, speeding up how quickly visitors see content on your site.

Google recently has changed the way it 'crawls' websites.Google changes their algorithm on a regular basis to keep improving results served.This latest round has Google slowing down how often theylook at your website, as well as adding in this new Gzip requirement as a 'best practice'.Google also did this to assist in their reducing internal server overhead costs and bandwidth loads at their worldwide data centers.

Increase company salesGzip compression is enabled using a file on the server, and is only available on Linux/Unix servers.Many of the large server companies like GoDaddydisable the use of Gzip, as it can shut down a web host server if not used properly.This is good news for you if your competition does not 'get the memo'.

If you are hosted with our sister company Velocity Hosting, we have already taken care of enabling Gzip compression on your accounts as a thank you for being our customer. If you are hosted with another company, contact us to see if your server is capable of handling this file.

Editors Notes

It's hard to believe that yet another year has passed! While delayed, I do hope and trust that the New Year finds you and your family in good health, and that your endeavors bring you happiness and prosperity over the coming year.

We look forward to growing with our clients as they succeed in dominating their respective markets!Quote right

Best Regards,
Peter Grant, CSE
Grant Communications LLC

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For clients with more than one million competing domains for primary key phrases, this ROI, or Return on Investment, is our job on every SEO project. metrics-based strategic program provides the marketable intelligence to win the battle for natural, or organic, listings with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask networks.

Become the new 800 Pound Gorilla in your industry! Ask us for our free, no obligation custom consulting appointment and see how our approach is unique from other firms you may have spoken with. You'll be gladyou did.

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