Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan





After you have worked on your Site, you will need to update the files on the remote server. Or, you may wish to refresh the files on your system if others have worked on the Site. Syncronization allows you to either get files from the remote server or put files on the remote server. You also have an option to delete files not found on the other computer. This comes in handy when you have to clean up various revisions or orphaned files and folders.

Syncronization shows you a preview of the what is about to happen. Unchecking the files prevent any action.


  • On the Menu>Site>Synchronize

  • Choose either the Entire Site or Selected Files

  • Choose either Put newer
  • Get Newer
  • or, sync both ways

  • Review the files you are putting/getting/deleting

  • Hit OK


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