Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan



Overview of Topics


Setting Up A Site

Setting up a Site in Dreamweaver is easy. It is the first step in managing your Site.


Synchronizing is a feature in Dreamweaver that allows you to synchronize the files between a local computer and a remote server

Checking In/Checking Out

When working in a collaborative environment, Dreamweaver's check in/check out feature allows you to work on the file(s) while preventing others from touching them at the same time.

Using Templates

A template is a document you can use to create multiple pages that share the same layout. When you create a template, you can indicate which elements of a page should remain constant (non-editable, or locked) in documents based on that template, and which elements can be changed.

Library Items

Libraries are a way to store page elements such as images, text, and other objects that you want to reuse or update frequently throughout your web Site.


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