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Is FrameMaker Important to Your Business?

An Affordable Way to Learn About this Important New Release...

Overview of FrameMaker 7.0


JULY 26, 2002


9:00-5:00 PM


Boston University (Tyngsboro campus)




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**Includes workshop materials, trial version of FrameMaker 7.0 on CD, lunch and refreshments.

Enhanced authoring capabilities including master pages, new templates, and new import filters

Single-source publishing to multichannels including print, PDF, HTML, XML, and SGML

XML publishing power, including import and export of XML content and DTDs

Collaboration features such as support for XMP and WebDAV

Accessibility enhancements


Looking for Hands-On FrameMaker Training?

We are an Adobe Certified Training Provider with a well-established reputation as a leading provider of Adobe products training.

Our crew of instructors have trained literally thousands and thousands of satisfied customers in the efficient use of Adobe FrameMaker within their organizations.

FrameMaker Basics


JULY 29-31, 2002


9:00-5:00 PM


Training Center (Tyngsboro/Boston)




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FrameMaker Advanced


AUGUST 1-2 , 2002


9:00-5:00 PM


Training Center (Tyngsboro/Boston)




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We handle all requests for modification of web sites on a 'same day'/'next day' basis.

Many of our clients are financial institutions and regional banks, which are mandated for this type of speed on rates and fees by the FDIC and other government agencies.

From a financial perspective, ongoing maintenance by us is billed in 15-minute increments, or $18. Our speed is legendary, so some clients batch a months' worth of changes to be handled at the same time.

As we do this for a living, we can handle changes better and faster than in-house staff that are not full-time webmasters. Additionally, your staff could also be using their time on other, more profitable tasks while we handle the site.

If you would like references, please call us at 603.715.5445.


Microsoft Office Training

After years of requests by clients, we will be offering one and two-day, hands-on labs for regional companies looking to outsource their Office Basics and Advanced training. Onsite training at your location is also available!

Microsoft Excel

PC Lab

July 23-24, 2002

Become a solid Microsoft Excel user in 2 days! This course is designed to help beginners quickly become proficient in using Excel for managing financial and other types of data.

  • Understanding the worksheet matrix
  • Creating, saving, and navigating workbooks
  • Working with cells, columns, and rows
  • Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Writing and working with formulas and functions
  • Working with and freezing panes
  • Creating advanced formulas using absolute references and the IF statement
  • Creating, sorting, and filtering databases
  • Creating different charts for data representation
  • Creating macros, macro toolbars, and macro workbooks
    ...and much more!

Microsoft PowerPoint

PC Lab

August 6, 2002

Need to make stunning presentations? Or self-running slide shows with all the bells and whistles? This PowerPoint class will show you all the important features of PowerPoint in a single day!

  • Developing manual, timed, and self-running presentations
  • Creating attention-grabbing slides
  • Animating graphics and text
  • Attaching speaker and audience notes
  • Working with PowerPoint templates
    ...and much more!

Creating Mail Merges

PC Lab

August 9, 2002

Want to learn how to create and process form letters, labels, and other mass materials generated from a database? This half-day class will show you how using various Microsoft Office products.

  • Developing form templates
  • Creating mail merges from scratch
  • Creating mail merges from existing databases
  • Generating mailing and other labels
    ...and much more!

Register: Frame@grantcom.us
Contact: Eileen, 603.715.5445
Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American

3 business days prior or purchase order
Group Discounts: 3 or more people from the same company that register for the same seminar on the same date are entitled to a 15% discount.

www. grantcom.us/seminars/register.htm


Web-Based Training (or WBT) has been referenced for the last 2 years as one of the functional areas that corporations could take advantage of the Web's inexpensive communications venue. Up until now, the process and costs associated with online course development has been considered prohibitive. Now, using Dreamweaver and CourseBuilder, complex interactive educational training and testing can be developed inexpensively.

We can teach you to build your own courseware, or we can develop it for you. To help demonstrate the technology, we've made our "HTML Basics" course available to the world... free of charge (no approval hassles) and no registration (totally anonymous).

Web-Based Training Example!Come take the course, or simply preview sections with tests and interactions.


Current projects include the conversion of an insurance carrier's sales training assessment exam, through multiple-choice questions, exact matching and other testing methods. The content for the manual already existed in text format, and the exam was almost identical in required interactivity as our WBT example found at web-graduate.com.

Call us to see how we can help in reducing your internal or external training costs!


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"Grant Communications / PUBSNET did a custom FrameMaker class for us that was outstanding. The instructor was superbly knowledgeable, very effective at teaching, and funny too. This course will save us countless hours of frustrating experimentation! "

--Elizabeth Michaud Documentation Manager
Authoria, Inc.

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