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old sites relaunched

Last month we discussed the upgrading process for site re-design. Following is a short list of clients we launched during Winter 2002…

And launching Spring 2002, we are working on sites we initially designed 3 years ago. These include:

Fitzgerald Industries
Electrical Dynamics

Also, stay tuned for Energy Sciences...


DreamWeaver 4.0 Basics

Length: 2 days
Format: Lecture/PC Lab
Cost: $ 795
Dates: April 23-24, 2002

Dreamweaver 4 is used as the web design tool of choice from artists to technical communicators to professional web design houses. This course provides a basic grounding in the Dreamweaver editing and management tools.


Participants Will Learn:

  • Understanding Dreamweaver’s Tools, Menus, Palettes and Windows
  • Defining Basic Page Properties
  • Adding and Modifying Basic Text
  • Adding and Modifying Graphics
  • Creating and managing hyperlinks
  • Using Tables and Basic Page Design
  • Creating Layers
  • Understanding Frame Sites
  • Adding Interactivity with Behaviors
  • Extending Dreamweaver
  • Basic Site Management

    ...and much more!

    Instructor Biography:

    Mike Doyle has been in the technical communications industry for almost 20 years as writer, manager, and teacher. In addition, he has been the senior lecturer in the Technical Communications Certificate program at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell since 1984.

    Mike has been working in the web development world since 1995, having built the web development group within PUBSNET (Grant Communications ,, which has launched over 300 corporate web sites. Mike has also taught a number of courses related to web technologies including HTML, XML, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, PageMill, and HTML Transit, and has presented at regional and national conferences on web technologies.

Contact: Eileen, 603.715.5445
Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American

3 business days prior or purchase order
Group Discounts: 3 or more people from the same company that register for the same seminar on the same date are entitled to a 15% discount.



Web-Based Training (or WBT) has been referenced for the last 2 years as one of the functional areas that corporations could take advantage of the Web's inexpensive communications venue. Up until now, the process and costs associated with online course development has been considered prohibitive. Now, using Dreamweaver and CourseBuilder, complex interactive educational training and testing can be developed inexpensively.

We can teach you to build your own courseware, or we can develop it for you. To help demonstrate the technology, we've made our "HTML Basics" course available to the world... free of charge (no approval hassles) and no registration (totally anonymous).

Web-Based Training Example!Come take the course, or simply preview sections with tests and interactions.

Current projects include the conversion of an insurance carrier's sales training assessment exam, through multiple-choice questions, exact matching and other testing methods. The content for the manual already existed in text format, and the exam was almost identical in required interactivity as our WBT example found at

Call us to see how we can help in reducing your internal or external training costs!

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