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old sites revisited

2002 started out with a rush, as a number of our clients that we had designed web sites from 1998 through late 1999 returned to us for redesign.

Due to technology changes and general increases in knowledge by typical consumers, it is important to review your site's general usability, "look and feel" and general content every six months. A redesign generally starts to make sense around four to six web generations, or two to three years. Over 80% of our web engineering is dedicated to site redesign and GUI development.

Call if you would like a no-cost review of your current site!


Web-Based Training (or WBT) has been referenced for the last 2 years as one of the functional areas that corporations could take advantage of the Web's inexpensive communications venue. Up until now, the process and costs associated with online course development has been considered prohibitive. Now, using Dreamweaver and CourseBuilder, complex interactive educational training and testing can be developed inexpensively.

We can teach you to build your own courseware, or we can develop it for you. To help demonstrate the technology, we've made our "HTML Basics" course available to the world... free of charge (no approval hassles) and no registration (totally anonymous).

Web-Based Training Example!Come take the course, or simply preview sections with tests and interactions.

Current projects include the conversion of an insurance carrier's sales training assessment exam, through multiple-choice questions, exact matching and other testing methods. The content for the manual already existed in text format, and the exam was almost identical in required interactivity as our WBT example found at

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FrameMaker 6.0 Basics

Length: 3 days
Format: Lecture/PC Lab
Cost: $ 895
Dates: April 1-3, 2002 (No Fooling…)

This three-day course teaches participants the skills necessary to create stand alone, or component documents to be used in books, or as single files. This course is based on the Adobe Systems curriculum.


Participants Will Learn:

  • Identifying the key components of a FrameMaker document and understanding the use and purpose of each of these elements.
  • Working with various types of documents and learning to properly manage files.
  • Setting preferences and managing various views.
  • Using on-line help to find answers to specific problems.
  • Editing documents created from templates, or from new blank files.
  • Using spell checking and thesaurus features
  • Formatting content using both the Character and Paragraph catalog.
  • Working with the Paragraph Designer to create a variety of formats, modifying Basic, default Fonts, Pagination, Numbering, Advanced and Table Cell settings.
  • Inserting and formatting tables with a variety of content and format.
  • Creating, deleting, modifying and importing or updating character, paragraph and table formats.
  • Building simple and complex numbering schemes.
  • Importing images from outside files or FrameMaker clip art.
  • Creating custom images using FrameMaker drawing palettes.
  • Working with graphical, anchored or text frames.
  • Using footnotes within text and tables.
  • Creating, applying or clearing change bars.
  • Specifying page layout options using Master Page settings.

    Instructor Biography:

    Bernard Aschwanden is an Adobe Certified Expert and Trainer for FrameMaker and Adobe Acrobat. He has a solid background in technical documentation. Over the past 15 years Bernard has helped hundreds of companies implement documentation solutions, and has delivered Adobe products training to literally thousands of satisfied participants. He regularly presents to the FrameMaker Users Network, the Society for Technical Communications, and has presented on behalf of major software manufacturers across the United States and Canada.

    Geoff Blake is a professional artist and Adobe Certified Expert who teaches classes for a number of Adobe applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, FrameMaker, and Acrobat. Geoff has provided training and project work for such companies as Trimax, Newbridge Networks, Oracle, and various government agencies. Because of his unique understanding of both graphics and text in electronic publishing, Geoff is often called upon to work on the conversion of legacy documentation and template creation.

    Marc Creaghan has been delivering software applications training on packages such as Adobe FrameMaker for over five years. He is a certified Adult Trainer and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practicioner. Marc is also an active member of the Computer Trainers Network.

    Christy Jackson is an Adobe Certified Expert in FrameMaker, and also teaches WebWorks Publisher. She has provided training in FrameMaker & WebWorks to many large groups and corporations including Nortel, Bombardier, and Computing Devices Canada, among others. Currently, Christy’s career combines technical writing and training. Writing projects include course manuals, samples, and marketing materials. Christy has 5 years of teaching experience, and holds a BA in English literature.

    ...and much more!

Contact: Eileen, 603.715.5445
Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American

3 business days prior or purchase order
Group Discounts: 3 or more people from the same company that register for the same seminar on the same date are entitled to a 15% discount.


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