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Spring 2001 Training Catalog

FrameMaker * Acrobat * PhotoShop * WebWorks * RoboHelp * ForeHTML
GUI Design * HTML * XML * Structured Writing * Indexing * Globalization

Web Engineering & Design Services


Web Engineering and Design Services;
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The times, they are a ' changin' (to borrow a saying)…

We remain thankful that we our client base is traditional "brick and mortar" businesses with the same conservative viewpoints as we have. No unrealistic expectations, you have to earn your revenues, and other criteria that was considered "trite" just a few months ago.

We thank those clients who made possible the single fastest jump start to a year in the company's twenty-four year history. It is interesting to note that the vast bulk of work we are engaged to perform remains Internet-related, with just a few print projects. And the size of the web projects continues to grow, with nearly all involved in some form of interactive database specifications.

search engine update

With the announcement by Disney that their Infoseek/ Go Network search engine will be closed shortly for good, the major search engines have migrated en masse to evaluating mandatory charges for corporate clients to be posted to their engine.

The last bastion of a "free lunch" in America seems to be disappearing. Yahoo!, the first to implement the '$199 7- Day Review of Site' Programs, has officially moved to a mandatory $199 corporate submission pricing policy. AltaVista has also changed, offering a $199 '7-day check' policy and no longer supporting automated submissions.

We'll keep you posted on the evolution as it transpires…

spring seminars

Upcoming Hands-On Training


FrameMaker Basics


APR 30-MAY 2
JUN 4-6

FrameMaker Advanced


MAY 3-4

Photoshop Basics


MAY 14-15

Acrobat Basics


MAY 16

Acrobat Intermediate


MAY 17

Acrobat Advanced


MAY 18




JUN 11-12



MAY 21-22

Learning HTML


MAY 23-24

XML for Tech Communicators


JUN 14-15

WebWorks Basics


JUN 7-8

WebWorks Intermediate


MAY 7-8


The Corporate Standard


- Summer

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