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Adobe Products (PC Lab)

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Spring 2002 Dates

FrameMaker Basics


APR 1-3
MAY 6-8
JUN 10-12

FrameMaker Advanced


APR 4-5
MAY 9-10
JUN 13-14

FrameMaker+SGML Authoring


APR 11-12

Acrobat Basics


JUN 17

Acrobat Intermediate


JUN 18

Acrobat Advanced


APR 10
JUN 19

Illustrator Basics


JUN 26-27

Photoshop Basics


JUN 24-25

Online Skills (PC Labs)

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Spring 2002 Dates

Coursebuilder for Dreamweaver
(build WBT)


APR 25-26
JUN 6-7

Creating HTML-Based Help
with RoboHelp


MAY 30-31

Dreamweaver Basics


APR 23-24
JUN 4-5

Javascript Basics


APR 19

Web & HTML Basics


APR 22

WebWorks: Basics


MAY 13-14

WebWorks: Intermediate


MAY 15-16

XML for Technical Communicators


JUN 20-21

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The course takes approximately 2 1/2 hours, and includes plenty of hands-on exercises and tests.

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Master's Series
(Boston University Corporate Education Center)

Neil Perlin (MAY 13-14)
Structuring Information for Single Sourcing

William Horton (JUN 3-5)
Designing Web-Based Training

William Horton (JUN 6-7)
Designing Effective Electronic Documents

Gloria Gery (Boston University, APRIL 9, 2002)
Electronic Performance Support Systems

Take a Seminar from A Pioneer in Performance Support Systems, and Inductee into Training Magazine's HRD Hall of Fame...

Location: Boston University Corporate Education Center
Date: April 9, 2002
Cost: $499 includes workshop, lunch, materials **

**15% discount for groups of 3 or more...

Gloria Gery is best known for developing the performance support concept. She has written, spoken, and consulted extensively on developing training strategies and programs associated with enhancing organizational performance.

Performance Support systems integrate direct support for work or task processing with knowledge, data, tools and communications. The goal is to structure work and provide learning resources on demand. More and more work is becoming computer mediated. There is now a direct opportunity to change our approach to systems design and performance development to enable more rapid, if not immediate, work performance while minimizing training costs.

Software applications -- even newer ones -- focus predominantly on task data requirements. Designers presume that work experts will be using the software. Little direct work support is provided. Currently, there are numerous organizational units providing support resources that are not integrated: courses, web sites, documentation, online help, help desks and local coaching. We need to marry and integrate the design and development of software with design and development of software resources.

In this workshop Gloria Gery, author, speaker and consultant on performance support and eLearning, will provide a vision of this integrated world of learning and doing. She will discuss and describe the requirements to achieve virtually immediate performance and demonstrate numbers examples of performance support systems design. She will discuss the development issues, political realities associated with integrating the work of currently independent groups with individual goals, and will demonstrate tools and approaches that will result in new work contexts.

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