As we continue to grow, we are questioned by clients as to internal contacts and responsibilities within our firm. Following is a recap of primary staff members:

Michael Doyle - President

  • 15 years of teaching Technical Documentation within the UMass system.
  • Masters in Applied Management.
  • Quality control and financial support.

Peter Grant, CSE - Vice President, Operations

  • Business development.
  • Project time management/scheduling.
  • BS in Business, 20 years of integrating computing technology into corporations.


Brian Sullivan - Director

  • Concepting, corporate branding, logo development, design.
  • 20 years print communications, 3 years adjunct faculty at NE School of Photography
  • 5 years in web design.

Del Maxwell - Assistant Art, Flash. 3 years Web
Deandre' Littlejohn - Assistant Art. 3 years Web


Robert Musgrove - Director

  • 22 years of programming in a variety of languages, primarily with NASA's Space Atmospheric program and Psyche Systems.
  • NT/Active Server Pages, backend database development.

Kim Hall - ASP, custom .exe, 25 years programming


Chris Tierney -Manager

  • BA - UMass Fine Arts program
  • Content management and Flash movie development.

Genevieve Doyle - Content, scanning
Dan DeRose - Content


Eileen Savary - Mom! Food! Coffee! Training Coordinator
Tom Doyle - Chief Financial Officer, payroll



We're working on our 2001 seminar schedule as we speak. As a 'taste' of what we'll be offering as part of the new wave of web development, try this:

XML Overview

Length: 2 days
Format: Lecture/PC Lab
Cost: $ 795
Dates: March 15-16, 2001

Description: This class provides a hands-on introduction to the eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
Prerequisites: This class does not require previous experience with XML. Excellent for beginners to XML!

Participants Will Learn:

  • Understanding XML and what do MarCom & technical communicators need to know about it?
  • Understanding XML document structure, DTDs, and schemas
  • Applying element and attribute markup structures, root elements, empty elements
  • Predefining entities in XML
  • Creating "well-formed" documents
  • Working with internal and external DTDs, linking to a DTD, validating a document against a DTD
  • Linking using XLink and Xpointer
  • Controlling styles with CSS and XSL
  • Converting HTML to XML


Register: register@
Contact: Eileen, 603.715.5445
Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American

Payment: 3 business days prior or purchase order
Group Discounts: 3 or more people from the same company that register for the same seminar on the same date are entitled to a 15% discount.

Mention "Editors" at time of registering and
get an additional 10% off !

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